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In case anyone's still interested, our federal government's current debt is now over $21 trillion. That’s an amount of cash, incidentally, that equals an eye-popping 106% of the GDP of our nation.

Some quick math tells me that if we pay 3% interest on that $21 trillion of debt, we’re looking at $630 billion of INTEREST! And if interest rates return to a more normal 5%, then we’re talking around $1.05 trillion per year (that's over 30% of the entire federal budget, just to pay the interest on our debt)!

So, with those astonishing figures in mind, here are several important questions you need to consider…

1. In your opinion, do you think we’ll continue to run deficits?

2. If so, won’t that keep increasing our national debt?

3. And won't that make it more and more difficult for the government to keep the promises made to retirees?

4. What about the promises made to millions of Americans who are dependent on government assistance with housing, healthcare and food stamps?

5. Would you rather wait until the government acknowledges that it's unable to honor its commitments or would you prefer to take control of your own financial future now?

6. To put things in perspective, just imagine that your credit card debt was 106% of your income, and the interest alone was more than 30% of your family's budget. Wouldn't that absolutely screw up every single aspect of your life?

So, my friends, what do YOU think? Do you expect things to improve or become even worse as time passes?

And, finally, would you rather wait to find out or begin to take control of you financial life while you still can?

Get ready, folks!

Despite all the doom and gloom, this is going to be one of the most interesting, challenging and opportunity-filled periods in our history… because we have magnificent products and strategies that were built specifically to excel in volatile times like these!

If you'll simply keep an open mind, educate yourself and properly prepare, I believe the benefits will be nothing short of spectacular!

As I tell all my clients, it'll be like "heads, you win... tails, you don't lose!"