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"Guaranteed SAFE-Money Solutions for a Successful Retirement!"

The overwhelming majority of sales pitches from Wall Street brokerage houses, actively managed mutual funds and money managers are all variations of this one single message...


Sorry guys, there are only TWO ways to outperform the stock market: (1) by selecting superior investments and/or (2) through superior market timing.

FACT: All the research (over the last two centuries) shows conclusively that the ability to consistently do either is so rare that you might as well chalk it up to chance.

Worse yet, most professional stock pickers can't even equal market returns after all the transaction costs, management fees and taxes take their toll.

To repeat, this is not Mark's opinion, ladies and gentlemen... it's a FACT!

Sure, some investment pros do outperform the market for a certain period of time. But the longer the time frame, the lower the odds that any one of them will be able to do it. Statistically, they have an 80% chance of under performing the market over the long haul. Pretty terrible odds, if you ask me.

Look at it THIS way: If you owned a business would you hire some schmendrick who has an 80% chance of decreasing your profits?

Uh, I don't think so.

Well, isn't that precisely what you're doing when you pay someone to actively manage your investments?

As you can imagine, these are the facts that the investment industry doesn't want YOU, the public, to know... because if enough people wised-up, a lot of these folks would lose their high-paying jobs and be forced to do real work somewhere else.

And so, it's in THEIR best interest that the public continues to believe in their "magic formula" that beats the market, and it's the reason they continue to spend billions every year churning out their financial propaganda.

You see, friends, Wall Street wants you to believe they are there to make money for you... but their true purpose is to make money FROM you. And, in a world where 80% of investment professionals fail to beat the market... they certainly spend enormous sums of money trying to convince you they can.