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"Guaranteed SAFE-Money Solutions for a Successful Retirement!"

The number one consideration of every truly great investor is "how can I avoid losing money?"  In fact, the best investors are absolutely obsessed with avoiding losses.

That's probably surprising, because for most people the main focus is "how can I get the biggest return... and hopefully hit the jackpot?" 

But great investors understand a simple yet very profound mathematical fact: When you experience losses and gains of equal percentages, losses have a much greater impact on your money.

Why is losing money such a disaster? It's really quite simple. Let's suppose you lost 50% of your money in the market. How much will you need to earn to make yourself whole again?

Most folks will figure they'll need to make 50%... and they'd be dead wrong!

Okay, let's run the numbers. If you invested $100,000 and lost 50%, you'd now have $50,000, right? And if you then earned a 50% return on that $50,000... you would now have a total of $75,000... and still be down $25,000.

You see, friends, you would actually need a whopping 100% gain just to recoup your losses and get back to your original $100,000. And that could take you an entire decade... or more!

That's why Warren Buffett (considered America's GREATEST investor of all time) offered his famous two rules of investing:

Rule Number One. NEVER LOSE MONEY.

Rule Number Two. Never forget rule number one!

Protecting your downside at all times,