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"Guaranteed SAFE-Money Solutions for Conservative Investors!"


Americans are transferring over $50 billion per month into annuities... and the number one reason is SAFETY. 

Interesting thing about that. When the market tanks, people move to annuities for safety. When the market is up, people move money to annuities for more growth, more income and lower taxes.

Here's a "fun fact" for you, boys and girls: Way, way back in the days of the Roman Empire, annuities were the primary money contract for those who wished to generate income. The Gladiators actually traded money and property for annuities in order to provide guaranteed lifetime income for their families should they not return from war or the deadly games they played.

Fast forward to today. Financial universities and leading economists
around the world have concluded that only annuities can guarantee an income for life… for as much as 40% less than a stock, bond and cash mix!

Fixed annuities (including “indexed”) come with various forms of guaranteed growth that compound tax-deferred on 100% of principal, including any premium (and annual interest) bonuses that may have been credited.

The annuity not only accumulates more money, you can make it probate-free to your loves ones outside the will or trust, which saves legal fees, time delays and court battles. That's a very big deal.

And all those amazing "lifetime income riders" offer a safe avenue for guaranteed hyper-accelerated growth coupled with a guaranteed income for as long as you live… without you ever losing control of your money.

“Does this investment come with a money-back guarantee?” That’s my very first question anytime someone approaches me with a "once-in-a-lifetime" investment idea. If the answer is “no”, I take a pass.

Will Rogers, of course, said it best...

“I’m more interested in the return OF my money... than the return on my money.” Amen.