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"Guaranteed SAFE-Money Solutions for a Successful Retirement!"


It takes a special person to appreciate the critical need for asset preservation and guaranteed lifetime income. I sure wish more people would see “the light” earlier, but many of my clients had already been "around the block" by the time they came to me.

So, as a result, most have become more conservative and risk-averse. They want peace of mind and they’re fed up with the erosion of their assets.

My basic message is this: There is no guaranteed security other than the guaranteed lifetime income that is only possible through an annuity. Period.

Clearly, competition is fierce within the financial world. Stock brokers and investment advisors often play hardball by spreading misinformation about competing products within the financial arena. Some will tell you that fixed annuities are inappropriate because they offer conservative returns… as opposed to the meteoric potential of high-risk investments.

Well, folks, properly structured fixed index annuities have been delivering consistently solid returns ever since their inception in 1995. And, by the way, not a single person has ever lost a penny in one of these products due to market downturns or insurance company failure. Not one cent... and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong!

Of course, fixed and indexed annuities aren’t really investments. They are spectacular savings instruments that guarantee a safe harbor for your hard-earned life savings, and they provide the only dependable income stream that's guaranteed to last for long as you (and your spouse) are alive!

Unscrupulous financial salespeople will tell you to avoid annuities because you may not have instant access to all your money without some kind of loss of interest penalty. I guess, for example, in case you have an impulsive need to jump on one of their hot stock tips! 

But why would you do that? World securities markets and major global financial institutions are experiencing unprecedented volatility… and didn't the U.S. government recently provide massive amounts of money to bail out our entire financial system?

Wouldn’t you agree that risk is a very poor security blanket for retirement? And yet, many analysts, traders and other dummies continue to insist that setting aside principal in safe-haven instruments in order to generate guaranteed lifetime income is somehow inappropriate.

Look, I know that some people love to gamble for the sheer adrenaline thrill of it. I caution them to first insure enough principal as a safety net for the many times ahead when the market takes another nose-dive... because with inflation, continued market uncertainty, terrorism and the increasing economic and political instability around the world… this will be our reality for years to come!

My friends, in order to safely navigate these troubled times, you need to be at the helm of your own destiny. You need to think of yourself as an independent financial entrepreneur capable of calling your own shots in the financial arena… which ultimately means exchanging risk-based investment habits for preservation-based common sense… and establishing a level of guaranteed financial independence.

I can help you do that.