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WARNING! A majority of people in the financial services industry are salespeople first... advisors and educators second. And so, their number one priority is to move product. Not surprisingly, it's a heckuva a lot easier to push investments that are "exciting" (aka: RISKY!) and well known. That usually means "stock-based" products.

For these financial salespeople, the stock market represents the path of least resistance (the easiest sale). After all, there's an entire industry (print, TV, radio, internet, etc.) that exists to promote it. And, not coincidentally, the stock market also happens to be... surprise, surprise... the path with the greatest potential for the highest advisor fees and commissions over the long run.

Hey, if you enjoy skydiving for excitement... I dunno... go for it, I suppose. But I just can't figure out why any rational human being would toss their life savings out the window to see where it lands.

When it comes to investing, you must ask yourself...

Is the Pain Worth the Gain? Guys, if someone offered you $1,000 to box a round with Mike Tyson (in his prime), would you do it? Seems like way too much pain for too little gain, right? 

How 'bout $10 million?

Hmm. Well, you'd at least have to consider it, wouldn't you? I mean, assuming you lived through the round and recovered at some point, there'd be a pretty substantial reward in exchange for a few seconds of brutal punishment (the risk). In other words, a somewhat more realistic risk/reward relationship for doing something that insane!

Okay, look at it this way...

If you've ever watched the TV game show, Jeopardy (not to brag, but my son, Ben, is world-class unbeatable!), when three contestants get to that "Final Jeopardy" round, they are given a category and forced to place a bet before they even know the darn question! So, they have to weigh their odds of winning after taking into consideration the scores of their opponents and their own chances of knowing the answer to an unknown question!

The Jeopardy contestants are focused on trying to determine their chances of being rewarded for their risk... and whether it's worth it.

But the financial world doesn't want us to think that logically. It prefers that we believe there's no risk if we're properly "diversified" or only a "paper loss" if we're "in it for the long run".

Please ask yourself THESE questions: How likely are you to be rewarded by the current market? And is the potential reward worth putting your life savings at risk?

You need to be asking these questions now because there are alternatives available that offer stock market-linked growth without the risk or fees! And the opportunity to invest for guaranteed lifetime income, along with growth!

Friends, these are guaranteed investment strategies that remove all the emotional stress from your day-to-day life. I know because this is exactly what I've done in my own financial universe for my clients and my own family.

You see, many years ago, I simply decided that stock market volatility (and the potential for loss) was hazardous to my financial, physical and mental health... and I just said "NO!"