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My personal opinion. Investing in the stock market is a toxic combination of fear and overconfidence that's heavily influenced by the recent past and driven by all kinds of unfounded forecasts regarding future performance.

Rule number one. Focus on what you can control instead of what you can't.

You see, there are three main components to your investment performance...

1. The RETURNS you earn.
2. The RISKS you take to earn those returns.
3. The COSTS you incur to earn those returns.

Most investors focus heavily on returns. This is greatly encouraged by Wall Street because the relentless pursuit of returns by investors is a HUGE moneymaking bonanza for all the brokers, mutual fund companies and money managers.

Reality check. There is NO surefire way to beat the market and the harder you try, the worse you're likely to do because of all the investment costs you incur.

So, what's the alternative?
Well, how about focusing less on returns and more on avoiding unnecessary risks and investment costs, including tax costs? Unlike returns, risk and costs are two areas of investing over which you can exercise a lot of control... and where a little bit of effort can pay big dividends!

Final thought. Beating the market is difficult. Beating investors and their advisors... is easy!