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Friends, when was the last time your financial advisor told you that you need to insure yourself against a market collapse?

I’m sure he’s told you to diversify, because not everything falls at the same time, right?

Except, of course, in 2008.

The fact is that diversifying your portfolio is not insurance against a market crash. It’s simply putting more eggs in the same basket, without thinking about the real risks involved. And, as you know, every egg you put in that basket pays your financial advisor a little extra… win, lose, or draw.

In my opinion, a “buy and hold” strategy is dangerous, especially for baby-boomers in today’s volatile market. When you buy and hold you run the risk of getting crushed at a time when you can least afford it. Buy and hold, to me nowadays, is more like buy and

I say, "Protect your principal. There’s nothing wrong with playing defense!"

Don't the best coached football teams often sit back and play to protect a lead? Perhaps you should consider doing the same.

Look folks, I’m not psychic or smart enough to know precisely when the next collapse will happen. I just guarantee that when it does, my clients and I will NOT get hurt. And, we’ll be perfectly positioned... as always... to exploit the amazing opportunities that invariably present themselves when the dust settles.