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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                 February 3, 2014     



                             Official Launch Set For the Miami International Boat Show

Kyle Publications, owner of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine, in partnership with Marine Marketing Solutions™, is excited to announce the official launch of their highly-anticipated Marine Marketing Affiliates™ network.  In development for the last six months and built solely for the marine industry, Marine Marketing Affiliates™ will be the first of its kind to bring marine manufacturers, marine affiliates and the boating public together.  Featuring a clean and user-friendly interface, the network will make it easy for anyone in the marine industry to utilize the power of affiliate marketing for business growth. 

“For us it was about being a catalyst for change and seeing our beloved marine industry excel and rival that of other industries currently utilizing affiliate marketing” mentioned Erik Kyle, founder of Kyle Publications and publisher of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine.

“When we first started developing Marine Marketing Affiliates™, we researched other affiliate marketing platforms available to the marine industry.  What we quickly realized was the marine industry as a whole was not involved in affiliate marketing.  Only a handful of the bigger players were being featured on other affiliate marketing platforms,” says Kyle.

A soft-launch began this past December when Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine utilized the platform to produce a gift-buying e-magazine that was 100% affiliate driven.  “When we were testing the affiliate network this past holiday season, we were surprised at how much of a knowledge gap there was regarding affiliate marketing in the Marine Industry.  We have spent a lot of time speaking with our clients to gauge interest in affiliate marketing and developing just the right network to make the process easily understood“, added Kyle.

“Having experience in several consumer products market silos beyond marine I’ve witnessed the strength affiliate marketing can have on brand exposure, sales and overall growth for both manufacturers and affiliates”, remarked David Levesque, Director of Business Development for Marine Marketing Solutions™. 

“To be able to introduce such a powerful marketing tool to an industry that has seen more than its fair share of struggles is very fulfilling, Leveque added.  

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