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✔  Feb. 13: Workshop on Exporting Medical Devices

✔  Localizing your website for export success

Happy New Year!  And to those of you who observe the Lunar New Year, gung hay fat choy on February 5th!

With the coming of a new year come all sorts of commitments to improve ourselves and to try to do things differently.  Some new directions stick better than others, and success will usually follow when we make a well-researched, reasonable plan with smaller, achievable goals along the way.

International trade is no different. A grand vision of increasing sales by entering foreign markets is laudable.  But if this is not followed up with research on where the markets exist for your product or service; what are the requirements for exporting to that market (and whether there are any export controls on your product or service); how you will get your product or service to market; and ultimately how you will support your customers abroad post-sales, this will never be anything more than a dream (and worst case, a nightmare).

And this is where we at CFITO can help.  We're here to listen to your aspirations; help you discover what you need to make those dreams a reality; and connect you to the many resources - most of which are co-located with us at the National Entrepreneur Center - who can help you along the journey to growth and market diversification.

I hope you'll make one of your resolutions this year to learn more about the benefits of exporting and importing; to attend as many CFITO workshops as possible in 2019; and to stop by to meet with me to discuss how we can help your company grow through accessing the international marketplace.

- Chris Leggett, CFITO Program Manager


Are you a medical devices manufacturer looking to grow your business?  Then exporting should be part of your strategy!  On February 13th at 9AM, come to the National Entrepreneur center to meet with our panel of experts on medical devices who will help you learn the benefits of exporting and how you can prepare to take advantage of these global opportunities.

RSVP for this FREE event by clicking on the flyer above or at


I had a great conversation this week with John Worthington and Samantha Soffici of International Business Technologies (IBT).  When you are ready to market your product or service in another country, your U.S. website will not be enough to drive business to your company.  You really need to think about localizing your website to ensure it is effectively translated and search engine optimized for your export markets. 

That is where IBT comes in. 
Enterprise Florida has partnered with IBT and provides a grant to eligible Florida companies so that the cost for their services to localize your website is only $4000 for two websites.

Even if you are not ready yet to localize your website, there is lots of great material available on IBT's website to help learn about how your company will benefit from website localization.

Be sure to visit the Florida Global Online Program website to learn more.